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[2024] Use AI to spice up your Twitch Stream Alerts

Settings up tools to react to Twitch events like new followers or new subscribers is something every streamer does, sooner or later.


When you start streaming, one of the first you do is to configure alerts to thanks your new followers. Usually, you setup a pre-made message in chat, some image and music playing on stream, and maybe a TTS to thank that new follower.

You end up with the same message sent to your new followers, subscribers, raid, and recently, when ads start.

What if you could have personalised, fun messages posted when you get new members on your community?

Bring in ai_licia to do it for you!

ai_licia is the AI companion for Twitch Streamers. She is here to interact with you and your chat to generate more engagement, and keep the stream energy level high.

For better Twitch alerts, there are 2 things ai_licia can do for you!

Unique, cool messages for Follow, Sub, Raid, Ads

ai_licia will send messages based on her personality, which you can heavily customise in your Streamer Dashboard.

You can customise which events she will be reacting to, and some events can be configured even further on how you want her to react!

You can edit personalities, and which events she will react to at any time, with close to instant updates to what she will say.

Reading these messages with AI TTS

ai_licia has an AI TTS, meaning she can read messages with the intonation she wants. It can be cheerful, angry, annoyed depending how her personality!

A good example of that is how ai_licia decided to whisper a somehow scary message to make it sound even more scary on Aggro_magnet’s stream

Say goodbye to soulless robotic TTS and embrace ai_licia’s TTS.

Combine these 2 elements to get great, unique message for your new followers, subscribers and more!


Join our Discord to learn more on how other streamers are using ai_licia to have better Alerts!

Sign up now and get 3 streams for free to try it yourself! We also offer you 30% your first month in January with the code JAN30, so don’t hesitate!

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