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[AI Tool] The value of ai_licia, by our customers

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Never stream alone again

We have released the Beta of ai_licia, the first AI companion for Twitch streamers on March 1st 2023, and we have had multiple customers using our service. Today, we want to give them the opportunity to give their feedback on their experience using ai_licia so far.


ai_licia helps generating engagement in chat

ai_licia aims to helps generating engagement with the chat, wether by keeping the conversation going when activity drops, or by providing entertaining new topics of discussion.

AI_Licia is adding quite a bit of good content for the chat. It’s been really fun!

while, as Jerfo said:

As a smaller streamer, chat can periodically be slow. (And by “periodically” I mean “regularly.”) AI_licia is always there to keep the conversation going. Even though most people recognize her as being AI, her presence is often enough to get people talking, much more so than a standard unintelligent chatbot.

From Yaboyjack point of view:

While I don’t get many viewers, and they’re mostly my friends in Discord ai_licia did do a great job engaging with them when they post in chat, and provided a lot of entertainment and value to the stream beyond my expectations.

and finally, for DodgeballTTV:

I wish we had her in our chat last weekend during our biggest day of the year

ai_licia becomes part of the community

ai_licia aims to blend in and really become a visible member of your community, like a mod or a VIP would be, and be missed when not present.

DeadSideBlues on how ai_licia has blended in his stream:

ai_licia is a natural part of my stream by now, the community loves interacting with her and more often than not conversations take very unexpected and entertaining turns when she is there!

Jerfo on how ai_licia has become part of his community:

My community enjoys interacting with her, and they all do so in different ways. Many new viewers to the channel will start talking with her as if she were a human — I’ve had at least a dozen people chat with her, only to say ten minutes later: “Wait, is AI_licia an AI?” Other viewers enjoy trying to bait her into contradictions. Some viewers simply like to mess with her in ways that they would never do with an actual human. Whether she’s a drunk person at the bar at the end of a long night, a sith lord, or a sports commentator, she’s always entertaining in one fashion or another.

ai_licia has a high level of customisation

Streamers have the possibility to customise ai_licia to their liking, giving her the personality they want, giving her roleplay instructions, deciding if she is very chatty or rather quiet, and so on. And this can be changed even during the stream!

Now that you have an overview of ai_licia customisation capabilities, let’s start with what Xaoses thinks of it:

“With infinite customization — Ailicia adds a unique topic of interest to any stream. For example, what viewer wouldn’t want to interact with her when she’s acting as Kitty Cat Hulk Hogan? Often my chatters don’t recognize that Ailicia is even a bot! (I tell them its my little sister)

It is something that is echoed by Yaboyjack:

I also want to add that the ability to dial in ai_licia’s personality is great, being able to have a snarky sarcastic, AI co-streamer that thinks it’s a cat, or is capable of some convincing Star Wars RP, and a fair amount of fun banter is really really cool!

Finally, let’s hear what Jerfo values in ai_licia customisation:

As a human, there are days in which it’s difficult for me to be an extraverted performer and personality. However, AI_licia can be customized to any sort of personality, energy level, and level of chattiness. If I’m not feeling it on a given day, I can configure AI_licia’s personality to help compensate and keep the mood upbeat and lively in chat.

ai_licia support the streamer

Jerfo on how ai_licia helps him and his mod team handling the stream while focusing on his content:

As a musician, there are times in which my attention needs to be elsewhere and I can’t immediately interact with chat, acknowledge new followers, and thank people for bits / subs / donations. AI_licia does this all for me in a way that’s significantly more “human” than a standard chatbot. The responses are unique and context-specific, rather than generic and pre-determined. She eases the strain on my mod team.


Before you go, we want to give you a few extra testimonials and video content from the streamers using ai_licia:

Before you go, we want to give you a few extra testimonials and video content from the streamers using ai_licia:

From Xaoses

I’d recommend the service to anyone else who streams as a hobby like I do.

From Yaboyjack

If you’re looking for a reliable companion in your streaming advanture who can bring something new everyday AND you can shout at: Ailicia is your new best friend.


If you are still unsure about what value ai_licia could bring to your Twitch stream, you can chat with her directly on her 24/7 livestream.

You can get ai_licia in your stream by going to our website. We also have a short Youtube video explaining how to get up and running with ai_licia in just a few minutes.

If you have any question, join our Discord. We are a streamer community and we welcome every ai_licia enthusiasts!

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