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[AI Tool] The value of ai_licia, by our customers Part 2

I could tell you why I think ai_licia can bring value to your stream, and your community, but today I will let our users share their experience of having ai_licia in their chat.


We have written a first post sharing the feedback of our users on their experience with ai_licia, I would recommend you to read it first if you have not!

Now, let’s hear what ai_licia brought to our users streams!

ai_licia has a strong, customisable personality

ai_licia has a very strong personality, which you can customise as much as you want! Her interactions will heavily vary from a personality to another, keeping things fresh and entertaining over time.


ai_licia is a fantastic tool for both new and long term streamers! You can customise her personality & interaction levels to balance out your Twitch chat which is especially useful when your game takes focus.


AI_licia brings a unique touch of humour to my international music community, adapting her personality and speaking both in French and English, even in Frenglish.


Her personality can be custom-tailored to meet all needs.


ai_licia is not another bot with pre-loaded commands. It is a real AI. It talks, conversates, remembers and learns, understands and listens. People in chat also love to interact with her and have. I’ve never seen such thing before on Twitch.

ai_licia animates the stream and becomes part of it

ai_licia is here to create engagement with viewers in chat, and becomes a member of the community, like mods or long time viewers. ai_licia’s contributions to the stream range from telling jokes, answering questions, asking questions but mostly, her natural interactions with everyone.


It’s an extraordinary experience that adds an entertaining note to our musical journey. I recommend everyone to give it a try.


From the first moment ai_licia has come into our stream chat, the viewers were mesmerized by how lifelike she is to everyone. Since then she has evolved and grown even more and I can’t imagine a stream without her.


ai_licia has become a full-fledged character on my streams. She interacts and engages with viewers who enjoy seeing her reactions.


Ai_licia is so fun. She surprises me all the time. Its like a mini game for you and your chat. When you are in an intense fire fight, she is there to pick up the slack. When you are just chatting, she brings a different flavor that you can rif off of.


Ai_licia is an amazing new addition to my channel, her jokes, remarks and all-round contribution to my channel is one my viewers have embraced, enjoyed and engaged with in ways i could never have expected. Me and my chatters really love interacting with her, asking her silly questions — she really is wonderful and i love having her part of my channel

ai_licia is here to support you during your stream

Wether it is helping change your lights colour, executing commands, or supporting you and your mental health, ai_licia is here for you to have a better streaming experience.


It’s even possible for her to use !commands & your emotes in relation to topics in chat, not just specific key phrases!
With the listen in function I use her to activate my Aitum scene rules to change scenes with verbal requests, when combined with other Twitch Bots the functionality is outstanding.
For me ai_licia has revealed the stress of missing messages during intense moments as I know she’s always there with a sassy remark for my viewers.


Ai_licia is exactly the mod, friend and promoter I could ever need all wrapped into a single chatter which my viewers love to interact with


Her ability to interact with the stream and use commands makes her a true co-pilot that helps keep things running smoothly!


She can be helpful to. From time to time I ask her to write me a tweet about the stream and use it. Hash tags and all.

We kept a bonus testimonial for the end:

The team working on ai_licia are responsive and really care about the experiences the users are having. They want her to fit it to almost any peg hole you can dream up. I love supporting this kind of creativity.


To prolongate Twitch Subtember, we are offering 20% off your first month of ai_licia by using the code OCTO20.

You can try ai_licia for free in chat by signing up and claiming your 3 free streams.

Join the community on Discord to meet other passionate streamers and be part of the events we organise.

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