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[AI TTS] ai_licia now supports TTS

Adding AI TTS to Twitch streams has been quite trendy recently, and a good way to bring AI into your stream to bring a new, fun element.


Most of the AI TTS tools are just that: you ask them something as the streamer, and they will say something that can be funny, sarcastic, or whatever the tool provide.

By making ai_licia have TTS, you can leverage the full power ai_licia provides, while giving this extra touch of giving her a voice to speak.

Giving ai_licia a voice

Giving ai_licia a voice has been something our users have requested multiple times, and it was something we have been wanting to do for a while. That’s why we are super exciting to release the first milestone of our vision for ai_licia’s TTS!

What can I do now?

Right now, you can make ai_licia speak to you easily!

To set it up, head to the Streamer Dashboard. Then, head to the Customise ai_licia page, and on the Text-to-Speech tab.

You can now start configuring your TTS.

You can adjust the volume of the TTS directly from the dashboard, to make your OBS setup easier to maintain.

You can also decide how fast ai_licia will speak, if you want a laid back or a more energetic Speech rhythm.

Finally, you can also decide if you want a younger or a more aged voice.

All these settings can fit with the type of personality you gave to ai_licia for a better experience.

Once you are happy with your settings, click on the generate button to generate a link to paste in one of your OBS browser source.

You now can go to OBS to setup your Browser Source.

Create a new source (I called it ai_licia TTS), configure it.

Paste the URL you copied in the dashboard, and close the window.

And voila! Now, ai_licia will speak each of her message, with the intonation to fit the tone of the message!

If you do any changes in the Dashboard related to the TTS volume, you will have to refresh the source by clicking on the “Refresh cache of current page” button, as visible on the image above.

What’s next

We have a lot of plans for what we want to do next! Giving a voice to ai_licia is just the first step.

We plan to give the possibility to streamers to choose which voice they want for ai_licia, including a generated voice of their choice.

We also want to provide the option for streamers to decide who can use ai_licia’s TTS, wether its only when they ask something to ai_licia, or if everyone in the chat can use it. We also want to be able to make it redeemable through bits, or channel points, depending on what the streamer wants.

We are looking to get more feedback and idea from the community, so feel free to tip in and give us your ideas of what we should build next for ai_licia TTS!


We are super excited to see how you will use ai_licia’s TTS, and for what is coming next for TTS, but also for all the new features we have released and will be releasing in the next few months so stay tuned!

Join our community on Discord, and try ai_licia for free on our Dashboard

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