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ai_licia x Pulsoid

The Pulsoid integration for ai_licia is finally out!


After many months on working on this collaboration, we are so happy to officially announce the ai_licia x Pulsoid partnership!

We have teamed up to bring Pulsoid heart rate data into ai_licia, and make her able to react smartly to the heart rate changes. Every streamer with a Pulsoid BRO plan can integrate their heart rate into ai_licia.

With ai_licia, we aim to create your ultimate streaming companion, supporting you while you are doing what you do best, creating the content that makes you unique.

Making ai_licia aware and able to interact with your heart rate is another step in that direction, and should help generate more engagement in chat.

Working with Pulsoid made a lot of sense for us, as we share this goal of helping streamer grow and enjoy their streamer journey.

How to get Pulsoid working with ai_licia

You need to have a BRO plan to integrate Pulsoid with ai_licia. Go to Pulsoid website and get a BRO plan.

You will also need a heart monitor supported by Pulsoid.

Finally, you will need to download the Pulsoid mobile app (Android or iOS).

Once you are setup on the Pulsoid side, you can setup the ai_licia integration following


Get 30% off your first month of Pulsoid with the code ai_licia and 30% off your first month of ai_licia with the code PULSOID.

Get Pulsoid:

Get ai_licia:

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