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Building the ai_licia community

We just had our first instalment of our new podcast: ai_licia Unleashed! This is one of the many events we organise so join the community to be part of them!


Join the ai_licia community and get 3 free streams

When we started our closed alpha phase for ai_licia, we mostly shared ai_licia with streamers that were part of our community, or communities we were part of as streamers.

That kind of streamers community where you can share your wins and your struggles, where you can organise events, where you can find support during the tough times of streaming, that was the kind of community we loved.

When we started having more and more streamers interested by ai_licia, then joined our discord, we decided that we wanted to also build that kind of welcoming and helpful streamer community.

The ai_licia events

We host multiple recurring events involving streamers from the discord.

The monthly ai_licia raid train

We are running the monthly ai_licia raid every month, on the 2nd week end of the month. It is a great occasion to showcase the different ai_licia that exist among the community, but also help our streamers to get discovered by more people.

But what is a raid train?

A raid train is when multiple streamers come together to stream following a schedule, and each streamer will raid the next streamer following that schedule.

They often happen in the music streamers community (TCE, Jazz raid trains) but also for caritative reasons, like fund raising for different non profits.

ai_licia Unleashed

ai_licia Unleashed is a Podcast we host every month with streamers from the community. It is a podcast made by streamers, for streamers.

For 2h, streamers tell us their story, their beginnings in the world of streaming, the content they decided to stream, the struggle to grow their channel, the mental health impact of numbers, and how ai_licia has changed their streaming experience.

You can find the previous episodes on Spotify:

An involved community

The ai_licia community is a community of Streamers, with the added interest into ai_licia, the AI companion for Twitch streamers.

It means that you are very likely to find example of fun interactions in chat with ai_licia, clips, or even youtube videos about ai_licia.

Streamers are also keen to share their settings for ai_licia, giving new ideas of customisation to try for the next streams!

It is also the right place to give feedback on ai_licia, report bugs you may have found, but also help shape the future of ai_licia! We have a public roadmap where anyone can suggest a feature, or upvote existing feature.


If you want to join a community of Twitch streamers of all size, who are keen to help and support you, and want to be part of the events we organise, join our Discord!

Learn more about ai_licia and redeem your 3 free streams by going to

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