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Discover Ai_licia, the Twitch AI Companion

With the recent hype around AI and ChatGPT, it was only a matter of time before we would see applications of these technologies for Twitch and community management. NovaSquare is coming up with an interesting take on ChatGPT to bring to Twitch Streamers.


What is Ai_licia?

Ai_licia is an AI companion, designed for Twitch Streamers, and she is meant to be engaging with both viewers and the streamer, helping twitch streamers grow & connect with their viewers.

The best way to understand what Ai_licia is able to do for you and your stream is, if not trying it, to get a grasp of what she can do.

Ai_licia keeps the conversation going

Ai_licia is both a conversation starter and facilitator. She will ask about you and your stream and engage in conversation with your viewers as well. Your viewers and you can in turn talk with Ai_licia about anything you want — making it easy to keep conversations flowing.

Grow and Connect

Ai_licia makes an effort to make your viewers feel welcome. Sometimes you might be busy with streamer stuff, but she’ll be there — thanking new followers, greeting new viewers and helping them feel at home and engaged in your stream until you get around to engaging with them yourself.

Customise Ai_licia’s behaviour to fit your stream

You can choose from a range of curated behaviour, or create the one that fits your community the best. Sarcastic, moody, kind, cheerful… you name it — Ai_licia becomes it.

Ai_licia ‘hears’ you

To make the Streamer <> Ai_licia interaction seamless, Ai_licia can read your voice almost as if she had ears. She doesn’t. Of course.

Built for Twitch streamers

Ai_licia is well aware of the Twitch experience and will respond to the various events on twitch. She can handle raids, post your socials, learn about your community and be a tailored companion for you and your stream.

Streamer Dashboard tour

To make the best out of Ai_licia as a Streamer is to use the Streamer Dashboard. The dashboard is the place for the Streamer to interact with Ai_licia before and during the stream. The best way to see how easy it is to use Ai_licia and the dashboard is to get a tour of it!

Dashboard landing page

The first page you see after signing up!

It offers you different actions you can perform at different time, like learning how to use Ai_licia, testing her before your next stream or customising her behaviour.

Customise Ai_licia

Probably the most interesting page of the dashboard. This is were you can customise the Ai_licia you have in your chat, making her unique.

You can either use curated behaviour or create a custom one like Flight simulator co-pilot, dodgeball expert or whatever you think works best for you and your community. Behaviours can be changed at any time and picked up instantly.

You can also teach Ai_licia about your stream, getting her to know any private joke, schedule, socials or anything relevant to make her blend in well into your chat.

You can tests how your Ai_licia behave at anytime in your twitch chat without having to go live!

Streamer voice capture

Letting Ai_licia hear what you say is key to ensure a smooth interaction with the streamer, and this is the place where you make it happen!

Currently, there are 2 voice capture system:

  • An experimental one, supported on every standard browser, that works better for non native speakers

  • A voice capture system working only on Chrome for US and UK native speakers

Both voice capture will ensure Ai_licia hear what you say, allowing you to ask her to do things for you (greeting a specific viewer, reminding people of an event, you name it), and to give her the full context of what’s happening on your stream!


If you are small/starting streamer who want to grow and retain new viewers or a more established streamer who want to bring a fun and interactive tool to entertain you chat, Ai_licia is definitely a tool you should consider subscribing to.

The easiest way to get started it either to go to NovaSquare website or join the Ai_licia discord server, where you can chat with the team behind Ai_licia but also streamers that are already using Ai_licia.

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