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Get your AI copilote in your Flight Simulator stream with ai_licia and Flow

Back in May 2022, ai_licia was created, aiming to craft the ultimate companion for content creator starting as a streaming sidekick. Originally, ai_licia joined me as a virtual co-pilot during my Flight Simulator streams. Despite the early version’s limitations, such as relying on my spoken cues for flight data, it was clear we were onto something. ai_licia could suggest flight paths and destinations, adding a new layer to the streaming experience. Yet, I knew we could push the boundaries further.

The dream of a fully integrated gaming companion had to take a back seat as we focused on other priorities. That was until January 2024, when members of the Microsoft Flight Simulator community (Leluxo) found my channel and ai_licia. His enthusiasm introduced us to Flow by Parallel 42 (//42), a groundbreaking tool capable of scripting in-app actions and much more. This discovery was the catalyst for developing an open API for ai_licia, enabling real-time data integration and event triggers for any developer willing to tinker.

The real game-changer came when we had some issues and reached out to Parallel 42 (//42) for help. To my surprise, the CTO himself offered to discuss our project. Following a productive two-hour conversation with Keven and Edson, respectively CTO and CEO at Parallel 42 (//42), we found our visions aligned perfectly. Edson, a fellow streamer, immediately recognised ai_licia’s potential. Parallel 42 (//42) decided to go above and beyond, helping to build a fully-fledged official widget for ai_licia within their product.

Thanks to this collaboration, ai_licia now taps into real-time data from Microsoft Flight Simulator, adapting to different flight phases and assisting streamers with the intricate task of flying solo. It’s a leap forward in making flight simulation streaming as engaging and immersive as possible.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Parallel 42 (//42), a milestone in enhancing the flight sim streaming experience. To give you a taste of what’s possible with ai_licia and Flow, we’ve tested several scenarios, from a diligent co-pilot, attendant and more!

To celebrate, we’re offering a 30% discount on ai_licia along with the code FLOWPRO.

ai_licia’s evolution from a concept to a co-pilot in your streaming adventures is just the beginning. Hire your co-animator today! The sky’s no longer the limit.

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