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Getting started with ai_licia

We are starting a series of video tutorial to help make the most out of ai_licia!


ai_licia has been out for more than a year now, and we have helped hundreds of streamers with getting started, or creating profiles with them. 

We have decided to use what we have learned and share it with everyone to help getting started with ai_licia, ensuring a good experience from the first stream. The difference between a good time with ai_licia and a mediocre one lies into not configuring ai_licia properly, which has become more complex over time with all the customisation options we added.

If you want a 10 minute crash course on getting ai_licia rolling well for your stream, watch this video! 

Otherwise, you can also read a what’s coming next

Getting Started

Generic knowledge

ai_licia will join your chat automatically at the start of your stream. You don’t need to click any button or do anything, she is taking care of everything!

ai_licia will talk of her own when she wants to, like a normal viewer. If you want her to answer to you directly, you should tag her or say her name. 

Dashboard home page

It’s the first page you will see once you have signed up. It summarises your different settings like language, when ai_licia will join, a high level view of your profiles and more.

One of the very useful feature from that page is to be able to test your settings by making ai_licia join your twitch chat. 

Setting your account

You can give more details to ai_licia about yourself and your stream there.

Some of the interesting customisation options here revolve around the language ai_licia will speak in chat, who you are, your timezone (Needed if you want to schedule when ai_licia should join) your pronouns or the people ai_licia should not interact with.

Customising ai_licia

It’s the where you will spend most of your time on the dashboard! It’s the place were you can craft how ai_licia will be, her personality, what kind of character she will be.


When you create your account, you start with a default profile. You can make changes to it and start playing around. We encourage you to create multiple profiles, building different characters and mood, so you can try them and switch from one another when you want.

We are providing curated profiles that you can try directly. They are profiles we or the community created, that should work out of the box. They may or may not fit what you want, but it’s good to start or get inspired. Click on one and it will create a copy you can play with.

You get access to features like giving yourself a nickname ai_licia will use when referring to you, switching from family to 18+ mode, getting the StreamDeck link of your profile, or sharing your profile to other people. You can also give multiple nicknames to ai_licia that she will react to.


It’s where you can define the trait of personality ai_licia will have. You add the adjectives that would describe the personality you want her to have like kind, protective, sassy, funny or whatever you think of!

You can also use the curated personalities we have created over time.


It’s the place where you can ai_licia a backstory. In our example, ai_licia is an airplane copilot on Flight Simulator that has known the streamer for a while, has stories to share about their previous flight, and has a lot of respect for him.


ai_licia decides when she wants to speak, and you can give her more details on how she interacts with your community and yourself.

You can make her interact more with you, with the viewers, or go for a balanced mix of both. She can write brief, normal, or detailed messages. The length of messages is also impacted by the acting and personality.

You can decide how chatty ai_licia will be. You can make her very chatty, more quiet, or even only talk if someone mention her. Note that this setting only impacts her spontaneous messages. If people tag her she will answer to them, and if you have reaction to twitch events enabled it will also be posted regardless of her chattiness.

Finally, you can make ai_licia simulate the typing time of her messages for more realism. If you are interacting a lot with her, it may be better to have her on the faster end of the interactivity settings.

Save your changes, and you are ready to test, and go live!


We have a lot of resources around ai_licia on our blog, and you can join our Discord to get help from the community!

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