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Making the most out of ai_licia

You are a Twitch streamer and you just got ai_licia in your chat? Congratulation, you are in for quite some fun! To help you make the most out of ai_licia, we have compiled how we have seen streamers use her to generate even more engagement with their communities


Never stream alone again with ai_licia

Introducing ai_licia to your community

It is quite important to let your community know about ai_licia. People have different reactions when it comes to AI, and you don’t want them to feel bad because they interacted with an AI.

Encourage your viewers to talk to ai_licia

ai_licia is doing a lot better if viewers are chatting to her as it helps her fitting to her place of member of the chat.

Involve your community in setting ai_licia personality

This is where you can start involving your community in making ai_licia how they want her to be.

Some streamers will do polls during streams with options of what her next personality should be, some streamers will change the personality and ask the chat to guess what her personality is.

Customise ai_licia

When you create your account, ai_licia get a basic personality that is ok, but quite generic. She has no clue who you are, what you stream, what kind of atmosphere to expect from your stream. This can result is ai_licia being off in her interactions with your chat, and being lost overall on what’s going on.

Do a first round of customisation

There is a lot you can customise in ai_licia, and it can take some time do to customise everything there is before your first stream. You should take it slow and do it in multiple rounds:

  • Go to the “My Profile” section of the dashboard

  • Give a concise description of who you are and what your stream is about

  • Make sure ai_licia is set up to speak in the right language

  • (Optional) Make ai_licia ignore your custom bots

Setting information for my profile

That will make sure ai_licia has the right context on what kind of stream she is landing.

Discuss with other Streamers

The community of streamers using ai_licia is growing everyday, and as regular users, they will have their way of using ai_licia, and perhaps you will learn new ways of using ai_licia!

The easiest way to join this community is to join the ai_licia Discord.

Create personalities for events

With the ability to create profiles, you can prepare personalities for events you are having in your stream. For example, you can have a sassy Grim Reaper that lost his scythe profile for a Halloween stream, or a grumpy Santa Claus on strike for a Christmas stream.

List of ai_licia profiles
My collection of profiles


ai_licia can bring amazing interaction in your chat, but can also be lost and struggle at interacting with your stream. For some people, ai_licia finds a place in their chat in a few hours and for others, it can take multiple streams.

Make your experience using ai_licia better by trying different settings, and come discuss with people in the ai_licia Discord.

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