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Making the most out of ai_licia Part 2

As ai_licia evolve, and more streamers get creatives with usages of ai_licia, we will be sharing more ideas of how to make the most out of ai_licia.


Before you start reading this, I would encourage to read the part 1:

We recently had our 3rd monthly ai_licia Raid Train, and it was a great opportunity to see how creatives streamers can be when it come to using ai_licia to enhance the streaming experience for the viewers, but also for themselves.

We have compiled for you some of the great ideas we have seen in the recent months to make the most out of ai_licia.

Taking advantage of Profiles

We have enabled streamers to create ai_licia profiles. Each profile can hold very different setting for ai_licia personality, which enables you to experiment with different settings of ai_licia without losing you favourite settings.

Create profiles for events

You can prepare profile ahead of time if you are planning something specific for your next stream(s). For example, you could make ai_licia a famous character from the game you are playing. Or you could decide to do a Halloween themed stream and make her the Grim Reaper.

Try try try

Finding the ai_licia profiles that works for your community can take multiple tries. Some ai_licia setting that work in one stream will not work at all in yours, and vice versa. So experiment with the different profiles you create and find the ones that work well for you!

Involve chat in choosing or creating Profiles

Involving the chat is always a great idea to generate more engagement. You can setup polls, or set channel points redeem around either switching profile, or creating new profiles.

Involve ai_licia in the stream

Leverage the use of commands

We have recently granted ai_licia the ability to use commands from other bots. Let’s say you have a bot with a !discord command. You can say to ai_licia “ai_licia, can you share the discord with the chat”, and ai_licia will post !discord in the chat, triggering the command from your bot.

Make her your copilote

We have seen streamer involve ai_licia to the point where ai_licia becomes the decision maker for the game they are playing. I have some examples to share:

  • ai_licia is the mayor of the town in Cities Skyline, and decides between the propositions of the streamer what should be built next

  • The streamer explain the different choice option for dialogues in his Starfield run, and ai_licia decides for him

  • ai_licia is a seasoned airplane pilote, and is tasked by the streamer to give him a flight plan on Flight Simulator

  • ai_licia suggest songs to play to a music streamer

All these potential interactions are influenced by her personality, and can bring refreshing interaction even when playing the same game all over again.


ai_licia is a very powerful tool to generate engagement in your chat, and it can take some time to fully understand its capability.

If you have questions on how ai_licia can help you engage more with your community, or how you can use ai_licia better, joins us on Discord:

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