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Sharing ai_licia profiles

There are so many customisation options for ai_licia, we wanted to enable people in sharing their ai_licia with everyone else, and discover other people ai_licia


Coming up with new ai_licia profiles can be difficult, especially when starting from scratch.

We have ourselves been inspired by how the community has customised ai_licia to create our pre-made personalities, and we wanted the community to be able to share their profiles with each other for a very long time.

So when more and more people asked us for a way to easily share profiles, we were very happy to prioritise it and make it happen.

How to share a profile

It is super simple!

Head to the Customise ai_licia page of the Streamer Dashboard.

Select the profile you want to share from your list of profiles.

Click on the Share this Profile button.

It will copy the link of the profile to your clipboard, and can then send this link to any other ai_licia user, and it will create a copy of the profile on their dashboard!

You can join our Community Discord to share your favourite profiles and discover new ai_licia to get inspiration from!


Join our community to meet other streamers! While we share a passion for ai_licia, we are streamers first, and we love helping each other.

We are also organising events like our monthly ai_licia raid train. We will start organising it soon, so if you want to be part of it, join the Discord!

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