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The gifting month is here!

December is here and it’s our favourite time of the year!


Few months ago, some streamers of the community asked us for a way to gift other streamers months of ai_licia subscription.

For the whole month of December, we offer you a discount of 50% when gifting months of ai_licia using the code GIFT50.

Gift ai_licia to your friends or favourite streamer

Gifting ai_licia is very easy!

You will see a section titled Gift a month of ai_licia subscription to a friend.

After choosing if you want to gift 1 month of Flex or 1 month of Unlimited, you will receive a code by email. Share this code with who you want.

How to use that code

To use that code, go to the Subscription page and use the code by clicking on Add promotion code button. The price will drop to 0£/$/€.

Proceed with the subscription, and you are all ready to stream with ai_licia!


We have a lot planned for December, including giveaway, raid trains, podcast, End of the year Stream.

If you want to catch these events, follow us on Instagram and join our Discord!

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