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[Twitch AI] Take Gaming interactivity to the next level on Twitch

ai_licia is going to the next level of interactivity by being able to know what is happening in your game in real time


When we started working on ai_licia almost 2 years ago, one of the idea we had was to enable anyone to feed data in real time about the games they are playing. We had a million of things to do, so we kept that idea for “when it’s the right time”.

We are super excited to announce that now is the time, introducing the ai_licia Public API! Thanks to this API, you can feed game related data in real time, and make ai_licia aware and even react of what’s going on, bringing interactivity in chat to another level.

We are still early stage with our API, so if you want in, get in touch with us. If you are a developer in the Twitch or the Gaming space, we would love to chat with you!

Getting your API key

To get an API key, you need to have an account on our platform. 

To sign up, you need a Twitch account, and then head to our Sign up page.

Let us know you want to get access to our API, either by joining our Discord, or sending us an email at

Go the My account page, on the Setting tab, and click on the generate button. You can now copy your API key, and be ready to start playing around with our API.

API documentation

We have a documentation! You can find it here. We are very open to feedback and suggestions, so please be in touch with us!

We have more content coming around integrations thanks to this API coming soon, so stay tuned.


We have a lot going on to take ai_licia to the next level. If you have questions, suggestions, or want to bring her to your stream, come chat with us on Discord!

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