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Take your Community to the next level with ai_licia!

Engage, Entertain, and Build your Community with the Ultimate AI Co-Host

Get To Know ai_licia

What is ai_licia?

ai_licia is your perfect co-host to help you with your community. ai_licia is there to engage, bring entertainment and help you build your community thanks to her customisable unique personalities, her cross platform memory, her ability to hear, write and speak.

Highly customisable character

Create the characters you want ai_licia to be.

Cross platform memory

ai_licia remembers and recognize members across platforms.

Listen, write and speak

She can hear you, speak with her own voice and write her messages.


ai_licia For Twitch

Take your stream to the next level with ai_licia! Elevate your content, captivate your audience, and dive into the future of streaming!

Natively integrated with Twitch

ai_licia joins automatically when you start your stream and can react to follow, cheers, subs, raids and ads.

Naturally blend with your community

ai_licia has been on Twitch long enough to interact like a normal Twitch chatter. Say goodbye to bland AIs!

Make it your own

In addition to creating your character, give ai_licia the name you want on Twitch to have your unique version of her.


ai_licia for Discord

Elevate your community with ai_licia! From interacting with your member, bringing a sense of belonging with her cross platform memory, to helping you planify and execute community activation, and more!

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